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Sixes 2019

"I can't change the weather!"


The CALM Charity

In by far the most important result of the day, the Event itself raised approximately £300 for CALM, providing them with the money they need to answer as many as 40 potentially life-saving calls.

CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) is a charity started in 1997 with a focus on leading a movement against suicide (the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK).

They hope to achieve this by providing frontline services such as a confidential helpline and webchat, as well as awareness campaigns such as #project84, #dontbottleitup and The Best Man Project.

To find out more about what CALM do, visit their FAQ page:

To make use of the confidential support CALM has to offer, call their national helpline on 0800585858 or go to:


This year of Wessex Sixes began with a nice, bright & early 10:30 start, which did in fact prove too much for some members going out the night before! Nevertheless, with the unorthodox scenario of a tournament consisting of 9 teams vying for the coveted Sixes Trophy and securing bragging rights for a whole year, the tournament was drawn up in a single league format, with the top 4 teams proceeding to semi-finals.

Unfortunately, the ever-ominous British summer weather decided to make an appearance and we were all drenched within seconds. However, this does not deter the hearts and minds of these Wessex warriors as they powered through and produced some awe-inspiring games and genuinely really good hockey despite the quantity of alcohol in their bloodstreams!

Thankfully, we were given a respite from the lovely summer weather and were lucky enough to enjoy our BBQ in peace (big thanks to Alex, Felix, Rich and Max for helping out with that!).

The day then progressed into the final matches of the league with Holly’s Comets and Super Sweet Six Team leading the standings, with If it ain’t broke don’t six it (who very much keened it up and ended the day on the highest goal difference) and Six and the City snapping at their heels. For some teams it just wasn’t their day, with Carly’s Angels facing some very tough competition indeed, although I am happy to point out their hard-fought goal against If it ain’t broke don’t six it (Featuring a peach of an aerial from Olly Brown that the Exeter loanee could’ve only dreamt of).

Despite other teams such as Sixviet Union, Big Stick Energy, Hockey is Insixious and Sainsburys’ Basix not progressing to the finals, it is important to note they still all played very well and were proud boozers despite the rain. With the final scores putting Holly’s Comets and Super Sweet Six Team as the top two teams, and the weather leading to the elimination of the semi-final round, we had a climactic final that ended 2-2 at full time, leading to a thrilling golden goal clinch win for Holly’s Comets, thereby earning them the coveted 2019 Sixes Trophy.

TLDR: Pidge won, inevitably.

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