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Whether you meant to or not, you’ve stumbled across the page of the mighty 4s. Are you looking for fun, friends and a hell of a good time both on and off the pitch? Then the 4XI is the place for you.


Hi, my name is Angus Williamson, I’m a 3rd year Geography student and if you have the most fortunate pleasure of joining us, you will unfortunately be joining our band of brothers during my reign of tyranny as captain.


All jokes aside, the 4XI provides a hockey environment for anyone and everyone regardless of skill and experience as we range from some boys with little to no hockey experience before university to others who’ve been playing for years. As a member of the 4XI you’ll always be involved, whether it be on the hockey or the social side of things, It’s your choice!


Hockey-wise, you’ll have the chance to play two games a week. With BUCS games on Wednesdays, where we play teams from other universities, and Hampshire league games on Saturdays. Be sure to turn up to training every Tuesday where you’ll get a chance to show off your skills and improve your game whilst having a good mess around with the boys.


On top of hockey, SUMHC gives you the chance to join in weekly Wednesday socials, whether you drink or not, where we gather with all the other teams and celebrate how lucky we are to be a part of this great establishment. On the occasional Saturday we’ll have team socials where you’ll get to know your teammates better, whilst also spending time with other SUMHC teams or the ladies club ;) . Be it club socials or team socials, there’s always some sort of shenanigans to regret in the morning.


So, come on down and look forward to the best time of your University life. I look forward to meeting and corrupting you all!

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