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There is a saying that goes, “Everything that comes in threes is perfect”, so it would be no surprise that the 3rd XI is definitely something perfect.


Hi, my name’s Benjamin Rees. I’m a third year Mathematics student and the SUMHC 3rd XI captain for the 2021/2022 season. I’m looking forward to having you all aboard for a fantastic season of hockey (with the odd social here and there)!


We train every Tuesday and Friday evening at Wide Lane, with matches every Wednesday and Saturday. Our Wednesday games will take place in the illustrious BUCS Western 4A, where we compete against other Universities, including the very well-loved and always-exciting match against the 4th XI team. Saturdays, we play local clubs within Hampshire in the Hampshire league.


On top of all this excitement, we have the privilege to play the Portsmouth 3s at Varsity in March. After 2020 Varsity was cancelled due to the unforeseen circumstances that was the coronavirus, we have a score to settle with the Portsmouth 3s, having defeated them 6-1 during our last encounter.


In a more social aspect, Wednesdays are an excellent time to meet the other teams, when the whole club gets together for a social in one of our typical haunts. Wednesday's socials are a great opportunity to meet students from all parts of the university and from all years. On the other hand, Saturdays are a much more informal get together with the team off the pitch, varying in activities, from going out to the infamous palace of dreams together, to team meals or even bowling.


Wessex is easily one of the best additions to your university experience. As well as easily being one of the most memorable aspects of your University life in Soton.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me an email:


I can’t wait to have you as a member of the club,

Benjamin Rees

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